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for EU Code Week

Many actions and activities done by individuals contribute to the common good and have an intrinsic social value, an effect known as “positive externalities” in economics. WOMs are digital vouchers designed to recognize the value of actions having such a positive effect and to reward them. Check out the official Web site for more information.

DIGIT srl recognizes the social and educational value of computational thinking and coding events: on the occasion of Europe Code Week 2019, all public events registered on the Code Week portal will be rewarded with 60 WOM vouchers.

If you have already registered and received the certificate of your Code Week event, use the form below to redeem your WOM vouchers.

Before you proceed
Make sure to install the “WOM Pocket” mobile application before you start the conversion process (see below). Each Code Week event can be converted to WOM vouchers only once.

Mobile applications

In order to redeem WOM vouchers, you need the “WOM Pocket” mobile application. Please install the application before attempting to convert your Code Week certificate, to ensure that you are able to collect the generated vouchers.

Using WOMs

WOM vouchers you collect on your “WOM Pocket” do not have a monetary value, but they are a certificate of your effort. Whoever wanting to reward you for your past efforts for Code Week can offer discounts or other services in exchange of WOMs.

For instance, local shops may offer discounts on books, local municipalities may offer free parking, online businesses might offer discounts on other products, and so on. After Code Week we will announce some of the WOM usage opportunities on the WOM portal.

Check out the video tutorial below for an overview of the WOM Platform and how to redeem vouchers for your Code Week events (in Italian).

Certificate conversion

Video tutorial

(In Italian.)